Under 15s play for Platinum Cup 2018

Nairobi • January 10, 2018

Our under 15 team competed in the Platinum Cup Under 15s for 2018, Kenya’s most marketed and celebrated youth tournament.

Organised by GreenSports Africa, the Cup is a keystone event for youth clubs throughout the country, the focus for testing and developing talent.

The Platinum Cup tournament took place at Hillcrest International School over three days during the December holidays.

Our team, managed by James Ombura with the support of Benjamin Oundo, played very well and took a solid success and many pointers home with them.

“Our hard work and determination got us far – right the way to the quarter finals, where we tied with our opponents. The other team came equally prepared, which made the game very interesting. Unfortunately we were knocked out in a shoot-out. But it was a good game, well played and we congratulate our opponents.” said James Ombura. “Playing competitive sports is always a learning process, so we will grow even better as a team.”

Before the tournament, our boys practiced for several training sessions, which gave them time to gel and practice team work.  This is always a challenge as they are in school, so have little time to train together.

During the tournament, our players learned different techniques and plays from their opponents and the other teams.  This really played a role in strengthening the team as a whole.

As team captain Bradley Ochieng confidently declared, “We look forward to dominating and winning the tournament next year with better preparation plans we already have in place.”

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