SoccerExpo signs Kenya’s “Golden Boy” James Kinyanjui Njenga

Nairobi • February 25, 2018

SoccerExpo is delighted to announce our signing of Mathare United winger James Kinyanjui Njenga, Kenya’s “Golden Boy”, as his exclusive agent and manager.

James Kinyanjui is part of the new future for Kenyan Football. He started young, playing at age 16 in a successful East African tournament while at Passenga High School. James started his professional career straight after high school, when he joined Kenya’s Premier League (KPL) club Thika United FC for the 2017 season as a winger.

During the two seasons he played for Thika United, James quickly became one of their key and consistent players, with more than 48 full matches of playtime and four assists. Thika United Coach Joseph Ruto considers James to be “a very talented boy. He is confident in the ball and fearless. His future is bright.”

In 2018 James Kinyanjui’s efforts were quickly noticed by Kenya’s national team, the famous Harambees, when he earned his first cap for the Under 23 squad while only nineteen. Harambee Stars Assistant Coach Francis Kimanzi says “I think he is a marvellous player and every single day he is growing better and better. To us, it is a surprise. You know when you have new players, they normally take some time to adapt, but he is doing really well. He is a special player for the future of Kenyan football.”

James transferred to Premier League club Mathare United in January 2019 and is carrying on in good form, with great passing, dribbling and shooting from range.

James Kinyanjui now joins the SoccerExpo Family; we will enjoy this new journey together.

View James Kinyanjui’s profile here.

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