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Player Enquiry

A professional career in soccer is your dream. We want to help you make it as successful as possible.

We are always looking to take on new talent, and promote players to clubs around the world.

Players with a high level of experience can send their CV/details with links to recent videos to

If you do not have significant or any professional experience, then don’t worry, just fill in the form below.

Once we have it we will contact you, because we will need to see you in person to assess your professional potential at one of our upcoming events.

At these events you will showcase directly to one of our trainers, who will evaluate you for skills.  The objective of the tryout is to showcase you, not to develop you, but this one-to-one attention will give you instant feedback and advice on the day.

If all looks good, then you will be interviewed by one of our staff for direct signings, further trials, appraisal and representation.  You ready for all that?

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