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    SoccerExpo Foundation was born of an idea, and a need, to do something to help children find a way to break out of a cycle of poverty which, through no fault of their own, limits their ability to achieve their full potential.

    Fortunately, we were in a position to take the first, concrete steps to do something useful; something which, after several years of activity, has certainly worked, especially thanks to our partnership with local government agencies.

    As an organisation with no religious affiliation or other bias, what is important for us is to give children the chance and opportunity to become who they dream of being.

    We do this in partnership not only with government agencies, but also with other community programs and initiatives, which can be faith-based.

    We are happy to partner with any organisation that is focused on helping the children of Kenya, especially those of the shanty-towns.

    Our first Activity Centre is in the city of Kisumu, located on the eastern shore of Lake Victoria, and Kenya’s third largest city. During 2020 we plan to open our second Activity Centre in Nairobi, followed by Mombasa and Nakuru.

    Download our eBook and you will see what we see every day – bright, happy, vivacious children who have the talent and the potential to do anything and everything.

    Thank you for helping them.

    Charles Obiny
    Chairman and co-Founder

    Educational Support

    Our programs help children achieve productive futures that are accepted as normal by most middle class families. The main programs provide scholarship and educational support for children from elementary through high school and, where possible and feasible, through to university.

    We rent space for a local Activity Centre, provide tutors, educational materials, arts and crafts activities, as well as remedial classes for children who have difficulties in certain school subjects. For ninety minutes each day children are encouraged to develop and reinforce logical, rational and mathematical thinking; social interaction and moral values; and language skills.

    We provide tutors with guidelines and activity modules to help them and volunteers get children involved. Tutors maintain records so a child’s development can be monitored and supported; the occasional discussion with parents sometimes needed.

    The Foundation works closely with local schools and institutions to bring in and support children who would otherwise be excluded from any form of formal education. Considering the high ancillary costs associated with higher education, this is huge for the children.

    Sports Development

    SoccerExpo Foundation already supports 120 children and has three children enrolled for secondary education at Vihiga High School on football scholarships.

    They are coached by well-trained instructors, setting them on their way to one day becoming professional players, possibly even stars just like their idols in the big leagues.

    The boys (we are working on enrolling girls as soon as possible!) are divided into Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16 teams. As they grow older they automatically progress from one category to another.

    The U10 and U12 teams train under coaches Daniel Minjis and Geoffrey Omondi, with the kids getting a mention from popular local and even national sports media.

    Supportive parents ensure their children get to attend training sessions every day after school, and get them to the full size Railways playing grounds on public holidays for a full day’s training.

    We find that getting the children to play competitively in local matches and junior leagues is one of the best motivational tools we could possibly use to encourage them to work hard for their ambitions and goals.

    How to help

    It is our dream that everybody can contribute something to these children.

    As a guide, we calculate it costs us about US$200 per child per year to provide facilities, materials, educational support and our program. That works out at less than US$20 per child per month.

    If you would like to sponsor a child and contribute through us, please e-mail us at and we will tell you how you can send your contribution.

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