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SoccerExpo Academy

The SoccerExpo Academy

Our mission is to give African youth an opportunity to improve themselves and their future prospects through sport, by training them in soccer to a competitive international level, with the goal that talented players are picked up by clubs.

Africa is an ancient yet young, growing country, full of aspirations but often with limited access to means that can develop, realize and harness people’s skills. Soccer is one way very popular way.

Right now we are actively involved with developing players in the Kakamega High School, which is a renowned source of football talent in Kenya. Soon we will extend our training to other high schools.  Thanks to our partnership with Cheza we train players in a professional environment. We invite and select players to participate in local tournaments, such as the one last December, where our Under 15 team reached the quarter finals of the Platinum Cup. Read more here.

In the future we will give Kenyan youth an even greater opportunity to improve themselves and their future prospects through sport by training them in soccer to a competitive international level in our own, full service training campus and academy, with live-in facilities and 24/7 staff mentoring, care and support.

People are our premier competitive advantage. Building up from our successful scouting and agency practice, we start with an established track record and people: three nationally known coaches, a full support team to care for students, and experienced management with international advisory skills on call.

We will use the savvy marketing practices of today to raise awareness, interest and generating income. We will reduce cost of operation through sponsorships. We will partner with key market players and influencers and reach out to international clubs for support and engagement. We have solutions for known challenges and we will work with established organizations, not against them.

We have identified land in a good location where we plan to build a Campus designed to accommodate 165 students, guests and staff, with phased development so that the SoccerExpo Academy can manage growth effectively and reach operational profitability to be self sustaining within an acceptable timeframe.

After successfully starting up SoccerExpo Agency, the Academy is a natural next step. It fills an identified gap in focused training development, and it increases the value of the SoccerExpo brand.

Please contact us directly if you would like to know more about our plans for the SoccerExpo Academy.

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