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SoccerExpo Agency

SoccerExpo helps players focus on being the great football players they are.

Started in Nairobi back in 2012 and more formally set up in 2015, SoccerExpo has grown from strength to strength, and is deeply engaged with the professional football industry. In four short years it has quickly become one of Kenya’s, if not Africa’s leading and best known football intermediaries.

Thanks to its success, the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) formally recognized and approved SoccerExpo Agency in August 2018.  In April 2019 SoccerExpo Agency was formally certified as a FIFA compliant Intermediary by the FKF. View certification here.

SoccerExpo Agency scouts, promotes and manages talented players from Africa, placing them in professional clubs around the world.

We currently represent, manage and are developing around sixty soccer players in Africa, as well as those we have placed outside Africa. We have mandates to scout and represent players for two league clubs in Kenya and one league club in Ghana.

SoccerExpo Agency is tied into a network of agents, clubs and youth leagues, all of which are channels for players to begin and develop their own careers both nationally and internationally.

Our goal is to zealously represent our players and maximize their contract value.

We provide uncompromisingly professional services with integrity. Our expertise and contacts put us in a perfect position to find the best for our talented players. We do what we do from our passion for the famously beautiful game, our personal history in the sport and a true desire to help people develop their maximum potential.

At our heart is an ethos that puts players first at all times, with our players enjoying unrivalled levels of support and guidance from their first steps in the professional game to the peaks of their careers and beyond.

Business Services for Clubs

As well as being an intermediary for players, SoccerExpo is a full service intermediary for clubs. This is where our established expertise in football as a sport comes together with our skills in business processes and activities.

A football club is a for-profit business in the sports entertainment industry.  A good understanding of business methodologies and practices is essential for a club to survive and prosper.

Business Plan, Models and Strategy

Business plans and models shows management where opportunities, challenges and risks lie.  A properly prepared multi-year business plan and model helps pitch the club to investors, to partners, to sponsors and to advertizers, because it shows them where the club is going and how it will get there.

Where does income come from? Where could it come from? Could it be more and/or better? What needs to be done to make that happen? Who makes all that happen? How can a club improve performance off the pitch to deliver and win, just like it does on the pitch?

Making a business plan and model helps define strategy, details the actions needed to take to achieve club objectives, the resources needed to make those actions happen, and the funding to have the right resources needed to execute actions effectively, efficiently and economically.

SoccerExpo helps clubs create and develop, then mentor the implementation of business plans and models. We do this using an industry standard methodology for strategic planning and operations management. We have ready-made multi-year templates for clubs and academies that let us rapidly develop detailed cashflow, profit&loss and balance sheet projections that are useful for budgeting and funding proposals.

Building a Brand

A brand is a short-cut way of saying “buy us because you know what you are getting”. Fans want a winner, and they want to be told they are backing a winner. Build a brand based on professional skills both on and off the field, honesty and trust with public and business audiences.

How does a club create, manage and grow its brand and fanbase? Where does marketing and promotion come in? How can a club leverage the many ways of engaging with people?

The flow of branded content to existing and targeted audiences has to be constant, consistent and of high quality. Posts, articles, interviews, photos, videos, competitions, all posted to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, a branded Website and/or App.

Merchandize things that have the logo blazoned on them. Nowadays online stores do not require stock and are increasingly popular.  Local and national retail points are good too. Consider a Club App for fans.

Promoting the brand helps sell the brand. Selling the brand helps put more money into promoting it. This is a virtuous circle, not a cost.

SoccerExpo helps clubs create and leverage club branding opportunities, both in the physical world and in the digital world.

Generating Income

All clubs look for, generate and survive on several sources of income and revenue. Most clubs have resources to handle this.

Income generally comes from seven sources: player transfers and loans, direct funding by investors, club partnerships and affiliations, sponsorships, advertizing, merchandizing, and fan based contributions and subscriptions.

SoccerExpo has, and continues to build, contacts, relationships, and an international database of clubs, investors and companies who sponsor and advertize with clubs. We have an active marketing and promotion program that increases awareness of club activities and achievements.

Investment Opportunities

We introduce clubs to potential private and corporate investors for direct funding.

Partnerships and Affiliations

There are a growing number of tie-ups, affiliations and partnerships between clubs. We connect clubs with other clubs for partnerships and affiliations through training programs, youth development and academies.

Sponsors and Advertizers 

Sponsoring means giving or financially supporting something in exchange for publicity, while advertizing means paying money for publicity. We help clubs with both classic and new ways of signing up sponsors and advertisers.

Fan based Revenue

Clubs can, when they create programs, initiatives and tools that engage fans more frequently, generate significant revenue from a loyal and involved fanbase. This can also be the basis for increased revenue from advertizers, and a way of promoting merchandise.

We help clubs create and implement imaginative  fan focused initiatives.

Professional Services for Players

Player Management

We contact clubs, arrange try-outs with pro clubs, obtain and evaluate competing offers. We negotiate signings and transfers on behalf and for the player, for whom we give expert support and advice in getting the best deal possible for the player’s career. We cover the entire process from start to finish. We verify and confirm all points with the player before signing. We explain every aspect to the player so he/she has a clear understanding of the signing terms and process, as well as offering professional and impartial advice from one of Kenya’s and with the best advice in order to make the correct decisions for their career.

Professional Training

Our trainers come from professional soccer – they are “soccer people”, deeply rooted in the sport. Thanks to them we can offer private sessions, off-season group training, and assistance when coming back from injury.

Body and Health

The things players need to keep up top performance in body and mind. Physiotherapy, foot care (that’s podiatry), nutrition, someone with whom to talk things through when things get tough (as they do), success goes to a player’s head (which it can), and how think forward to make sure the future remains bright (even after soccer). We also take care of the little things so the player can focus on his/her passion – football!

Educational Support

Thanks to their evident talent, players often move into the sport quickly, without completing a full course of education and realizing their full potential. We believe in people achieving a balanced successful career from Day One, so we facilitate extending education at every chance possible.

Commercial Opportunities

We all know players can multiply personal earnings from sponsorships, merchandising, licensing and endorsements; at their choice we encourage, promote and negotiate on their behalf all such opportunities and agreements.

Public Relations

Welcome to 2019, where everyone is connected and wants to know what’s happening. In today’s world, an player’s public image and ability to interview properly is almost as important as performance on the field. Sports is becoming “entertainment sensitive” then ever before. Players need to be good at interviews and as spokespeople. We handle all that, and help players leverage their own social media to improve career opportunities by being better known – for the right things of course.

Advisory Services

With higher earnings comes a lot of responsibility and pressure. We recommend players use the services of professional advisers who are expert in their respective fields and in the sporting industry concerning finance, taxes, social security, pensions, contracts, transfer regulations.

When Play is Done

Playing football at peak performance lasts only fifteen years at best. We stand with our players, for we are all people after all, ready with advice and support in taking good, positive steps in furthering opportunities once the final whistle blows.

Agency Team

Human capital centric organization to attract talented individuals and facilitate working together effectively. Our “people” resources are our premier competitive advantage. We thoroughly understand that for a sports development center, the core competency lies in thoroughly professional, expert, competent an ethical coaches, as interested as parents are to guarantee students get highly skilled training in a safe environment.

Eugene Obiny
Founder and CEO

Since 2012, Eugene has been an independent Agent and Manager for soccer talent s, having managed and signed Michael Wandera Wanyama with Gottne IF, Farraj Odenyi and Boniface Muchiri with Tusker FC, and Kevin Omondi with SoNy Sugar FC, among others.

Eugene’s decade of professional career has seen him work in five Information Computing Technology companies, gaining considerable experience and IBM certifications in many fields.

He has co-founded three entities: Usheya Enterprise (an Education Company working to digitalize learning content), GESISAM Technologies (an Ecommerce company in Liberia) and GORIOBI (an ICT and General Management company in Kenya).


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Legal Officer


Project Manager



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